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Monday, May 19, 2014

Snake Eye BJD Store Review

noir 2
Jill modeling Snake Eye Heels


Style: No specific style, very random

Size Range: Yo to SD (most options for SD13 girls)

Communication: n/a (use an agent)

Quality: 5/5

Ease of Payment:  n/a (use an agent)


I have ordered several items from Snake Eye, and I've been satisfied with everything.

The items have all been perfect scale and perfectly executed. I own two pairs of Snake Eyes heels, a pair of glasses, and an MP3 player. The only downside to Snake Eye is that they don't restock often and they don't have a wide variety of items.

Item Spotlight:

Snake Eye has some doctor related items, including a clipboard and a sthethoscope found here. I don't own these, but they're really neat looking in pictures and might be useful for some of you.
Image by Snake Eye

Snake Eye has an excellent collection of sexy, modern, realistic looking high heeled shoes.

These shoes fit my F60s and my SDgr girl, and are advertised as fitting an SD16 girl. I own them in black as well as white w/pink trim.

Find more SD16 heels under the "lady" section on the shoes menu.

Though I cannot find a picture of it on the site, I also got this Ipod. It's the best Ipod I've found to date in my time in the doll hobby, but it is blank. I plan on painting it at some point, for now it does the trick. Please pardon the crappy pic. I'll be sure to update with a new one as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks for reading! I hope these reviews help you find things you like. ^_^


  1. Whoo! I just found out about this shop and I'm excited to try it out. :) Do you happen to know how long the shoes are? I like going by cms. ;P

    1. Offhand they're slightly larger than Feeple 60 feet, so probably close to 7cm, give or tak ea few. I think the shop page has them listed somewhere on there. XD Sorry that's not more helpful!


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