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Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Latiyellow-Sized Taobao Order!!

My latest Taobao order arrived. I thinned out my collection some more and used the funds to spoil my favorite dolls. :3 As always I like to share the wealth, so here's the info! (The first part is all stuff from the same shop. The second half will show where I got the other things in my order.) I also ordered a few lati-sized things off etsy. I'll add those to this post when they get here instead of doing an entirely different post. XD Enjoy!

Most of this stuff can be found on these three sites (links to specific items will follow below):

Taobao store:
Etsy store (waaaaaay overpriced): (Can't find it of course, now that I'm looking so link is forthcoming)
English Site (more expensive than taobao):

Shipping time: A little over a month. Everything in the shop is made to order. They don't keep things in stock. Add a few extra days to the expected wait time if you're using the Taobao site and an agent. Taobao Trends declared the full value on my package as requested.

Quality: 5/5 everything is sewn amazingly well, velcro is thin and doesn't look cheesy. The fit is spot on and everything exactly like the pictures.

Style: Cutesy, Mori girl type stuff (not much for boys)

Size Range: lati yellow, pukifee, blythe

Ease of payment: 5/5, easy, used paypal with Taobao Trends like usual.

Communication: Communication with Taobao Trends went perfect as usual, so 5/5 for that.


One of my wonderful friends linked to me these guys, since I was looking for something other than the standard Nubanded stuff for my latiyellow Noa. They don't seem to pull up in searches on Taobao, so that's probably a tagging issue. I spent about $90 and got TONS of stuff. All the items are ordered came exactly as pictured. I had to change the colors on one pair of shoes, but other than that it was all as ordered. Taobao Trends kept in touch, so I recommend them as usual.

Item spotlight:

Adorable little ruffle bloomers and a pair of socks:

Cute little hoodie (does not have any buttons or snaps):

Cute little dresses! The pink one is fluffy and almost floor-length, and the little denim one is shorter and looks darling over leggings.

Little long-sleeved tee I bought to go under the denim dress:

Non Clear-Lan stuff (but still from Taobao):

The little headbands came from this shop here. They're yo-sd size, but they fit with her wig. They come in a TON of size and color options, so I'll definitely be ordering more for other dolls in other sizes next time.

These little pumps are just to die for. I've wanted a tiny specifically for these (and for this little purse I ordered on Etsy that isn't here yet). They fit snuggly, however, and while they go on she can't wear socks with them. She can stand fine in them. They do not actually have an arch to them; it's just the soles that make it look like heels. Probably my second favorite thing for tinies I own. XD

These little shoes were supposed to be pink and brown to match all her things, but that color was sold out. :( I told Tbtrends to just pick any color and they chose these. They're still cute, even if they clash a bit. XD

This little necklace should be yosd or free size, but the charm looked so mslal so I thought it would work for Tangle as well. It does! The chain is a bit long, but it looks adorable (as you can see in the picture of her outfit).

Thanks for looking and happy shopping!

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