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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fantasy Doll (FDoll) Information, Posing, and Body Review

Note: Though I haven't posted the details yet, I should note that I don't own recasts anymore, beyond my dragons, one cheshire cat, and a second-hand littlefee head. I consider myself pro-owner, recast neutral. I do not and have not ever posted recasts to DoA and will not do so in the future. An upcoming post will explain my position and a few other things.

All the dolls in this post are legit.

Onto the post!

I am utterly shocked and impressed with Fdoll's (Fantasy Doll company) 60cm girl body. You'll see soon through the pics that she beats my other girls in posing. There's a few more acrobatic things she simply can't do because her body lacks a latching system, but with sueding and possibly wiring she'd definitely be the best in my collection.

For comparison pics between Delf Type 1, Feeple 60, and FDoll, see this post HERE. 

Note: In these pics she's wearing Delf option hands, not the default FDoll hands.

There isn't much info available on this company that I could find, so I thought I'd start compiling some information.

Price: $218 for the full girl, $178 for her body.
Quality: Her resin is heavy and her jointing is well done. Definitely not bad aesthetically for a cheap body.

  • Can use Delf and F60 hands (you will need a magnet wrist for the F60 hands)
  • Can use many Delf and F60 heads (you will need a neck mechnism for these heads usually)
  • Can wear most Sd13 clothes (haven't run into anything that doesn't fit in this size range yet)
  • Feet are wider and a little longer than F60 and Delf, so can fit into SD13 shoes fine, but SD16 heels take some work to force them on.

Tall: 60cm (May not be accurate as she stands taller than my other 60cm range girls. Could possibly be her head.)
Width of shoulders: 8cm
Circumference of neck: 8.8cm
Circumference of chest: 25.5cm
Circumference of waist: 17.5cm
Length of arms: 16cm
Length of leg: 32cm
Circumference of hips: 24.6cm
Lenth of foot: 7cm
width of foot: 2.8cm


All poses are unassisted. Doll is not wired or sueded.

FDoll Body
She has excellent range of motion in her torso.
FDoll Body
She has a very cute, natural way of posing.

 FDoll Body

FDoll Body
She can slouch forward.
FDoll Body
And backwards

FDoll Body

FDoll Body
And while attempting another pose, she
leaned forward and did this. So...
apparently she can touch her toes without
falling over.

FDoll Body
She was able to do this! My F60 is the only
other one I've been able to get to do this.
FDoll Body
Standing on one leg!
 FDoll Body

FDoll Body
She's balancing on one leg, with the toes of her other
foot pointing down. Super cute! She stood like this until I moved her about half an hour later.

FDoll Body

FDoll Body

FDoll Body

FDoll Body

And, she can stand in SD16 heels, but they are a bit hard to get on her feet because her feet are so wide. They fit, and it takes some balancing. I would not leave her likes this for a long time or unsupervised.


Overall, this is a great body. It's cute, it's long, it's lean. I'll be getting another one instead of an F60 body for Alora's floating head. This is a good looking, nicely posing, affordable body with many skin color options to make hybriding easier.
Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

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  1. I have 2 of these - and planning for a 3rd, and I fully agree with your findings :)
    PS - the msd girl and boy body poses just as well! I have not tried any of the others. I did see the tinies at Think Pink - and the free face-up and their overal impression is far better than the company pictures show.
    I have a DIM Annabeth (happy) head on the msd boy body, and a DZ Meigi on their 2 year old msd boy body (it is the same except for the neck which is higher and more straight on the body in the latests versions) and they look good to (with some blushing).

    Thank you for your post!


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