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Monday, February 16, 2015

More Posing Comparisons, Fdoll/Feeple 60/Classy Doll/Supia Part 1

A quick comparison to follow of the dolls' posing capabilities. I decided to do this in multiple posts as I get time to take pictures, and to break up what would otherwise be a massive post.

The dolls are all 100% legit. 

From Left to Right: Cricket, Delf If on Classy Doll body; Callas, Feeple 60 Soony on Fdoll body; Nimue, Supia Eunice; and Hong He, LLT Red Dove on Feeple 60 Body.

All four dolls sit pretty nicely, but feeple does that stupid leaning thing.

(The Fdoll body is wearing Delf hands. )

Knees: The knees when sitting are very pretty. As you might recall from my Classy Doll review, the Classy Doll knees suck. It's a serious effort to get them to even do this simple pose.

All for girls can lean back very well.

Classy doll could lean further forward if she were sueded.

Feeple couldn't support the weight of her arms today for some reason, so Hong He had a liiiitle trouble touching her face. Supia requires you to pull out the elbow joint and lock it to maintain this position. Fdoll and Classy Doll do it easily.

Ok that's it for now! More when I have the chance. Thank you for looking and happy collecting!


  1. What fdoll resin color matches fairyland? Is the normal, pink or pale normal? I want to get an fdoll body for my soony >•<

    1. Hi! I've had the Fdoll normal and it's too yellow. I'm about to order a pink Fdoll body (hopefully next month), so I'd say probably pink is your best bet based on my personal research. I'll check around again to be sure though and report back!


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