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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Restring a @%%#!!! DC Alberta

You should know I literally cried during this, and once threw a leg across the room. I strongly recommend a glass of wine (for you peeps 21 or older) and a helper. I could find little no information, even on DoA about this process, so I hope this post helps. This is just how I did it, and there's a tiny pair of holes I didn't use and have no idea what the hell they're for. At one point, three times in a row, the ankle hook slipped off the foot and shot up into the shin. Boy was I PO-d… anyway, onto the tutorial! Oh, and this Alberta is recast, so don't link or share this where recasts aren't welcome yadda yadda. If you want this done with a legit Alberta come November, let me know.

You will need:
Wire (my usual restringing cord was too thick)
Possibly a dremel or exacto knife (if you want/need to widen or reshape string channels)
Possibly extra 1/4/MSD elastic (If you are stringing a recast, cutting the string L/S gives you in half should be long enough. I will get better measurements…)

Restringing DC Alberta

Part 1: Back Legs

Like most centaurs, Alberta's rear legs are strung independently. This makes it easy to switch out her quadruped body for the bipedal one.

Take your elastic and thread it through the torso piece, pulling it through the two leg holes. the knot should rest inside this piece, not above it, and it should not come through a leg hole.

Restringing DC Alberta

Next, put it through the second of the two holes towards the butt piece, like this:

Restringing DC Alberta
Add the butt piece, pulling the loops through the two holes. Make sure everything is nice and tight and even.

Restringing DC Alberta

String the leg. The hole in the thigh piece should face the front. If you look on the bottom, where the knee joint sits, you will see either an R or L, so make sure you have the correct piece for the side  you're working on. All the pieces look pretty much the same, but will look weird strung if you used the wrong one.

Restringing DC Alberta
1. Shin 2. Knee 3. Calf

The knee is tricky- the larger, wider part goes at the top, the smaller part towards the shin.

Restringing DC Alberta
Add the shin- the L or R will be on the bottom where the ankle joint will sit. Add your ankle and your foot. Voila! Leg is strung. Repeat for the other side.
Restringing DC Alberta
Ankle piece...this is how it should be positioned.

Restringing DC Alberta
Fully strung leg

Restringing DC Alberta
Standing on two legs!
Part 2: Front Legs/Torso

This part is pretty standard.
String the upper torso.

Restringing DC Alberta
Next, you're going to thread the two loops through the same holes you put the first set of elastic through.
Restringing DC Alberta

Restringing DC Alberta

Now string the front legs. You're done!

Restringing DC Alberta

It seems so much easier writing it than it was to figure out and actually do. I hope my blood, sweat, and tears make it so you have a much easier time of it than my poor husband and I did.
Restringing DC Alberta

As always, if you need more pictures or have questions, drop me a line! Now to see if I'm brave enough to restring an Ada….

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!


  1. I just restrung my Alberta and sadly a legit Alberta seems to have the holes a little different in the lower front torso (?!). Itis a pain in the ass :D:D But still manageable. Even though it killed my stringpuller....

    1. Such a neat doll, and agreed- such a pain in the ass! Even though the holes are a bit different, they were comparable enough when I owned both legit and recast versions of her that I think this could still be pretty helpful- at least I hope it did. I regret not redoing this with the legit.:(


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