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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Doll Chateau Alberta/ Mnf Chloe Hybrid - old recast I no longer own

So I took some pics for a lovely gal on the Haven, and my Rose stole herself a body…a DC Alberta body. In the process, one of Alberta's feet hooks broke, so I'm restringing the body to fit the neck piece, mnf hands, and mnf heeled feet.

My eventual plan is to get another pair of white skin minifee legs and replace the DC legs with the mnf legs. This will make her a little shorter and increase her posing ability. I will update when I get around to doing that.

First, I have to mod the neck wider to fit the neck ball. I get out my handy dremel tool and get to work.

1. I place the ball on the neck to see how much I need to remove.

2. I wear proper face protection, and start to remove resin, testing the ball now and then.

3. The ball probably won't fit as well as on the mnf neck, and given how thin Alberta's neck is, I don't want to widen much further. The ball works with the neck piece, so I'll stick with this for now.

(I did use an exacto to carve out some larger chunks and cut the hell out of my finger. Stick with the dremel. It's slower, but you won't hurt yourself as easily.)

Now I need to get the minifee hands onto the body. I really like the magnet hands, so I'm going to stick with these instead of the b-line hook hands. So I string the wrist magnets on:

Now I'm going to put her back together, but instead of her regular flat feet, I'm going to be using the minifee heeled feet.

And voila! Minifee Chloe/DC Alberta hybrid! I have another awesome (pretty much never before seen but I'm not sure) hybrid I'm planning involving minifees and Doll Chateau.

Here are a few more pics of this girl. I just need to suede her and get used to her posing. I am in loooove! I will do a proper photoshoot and style her wig soon.

Thanks for looking!

More pictures formerly hosted on my Flickr:

Doll Chateau bust on minifee torso.

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