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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Restringing a Pipos Cheshire Cat with poses

My little helper here is Grimalkin. He needed to have his blushing touched up, and I thought a tutorial may be useful. Here goes!

First, you will need a length of elastic about 20in long folded in half and tied in a knot. Your mileage may vary, and you may need shorter elastic to get him tighter.

They are very top heavy, and benefit from sueding the head/neck area.

The Head:

First, place through the head.

Thread the little flat piece like this.

Second, add the head back and pull tight.

Now add the s-hook.

The Tail:

Now let's thread the tail. Using elastic about 7.5 inches folded in half, do not tie the end on a knot yet. Take the tip of the tail, the one with closed end and the little bar in it, and thread the elastic through.

Add the other tail pieces, then add this little butt piece:

Tie the elastic in a knot, tighten as needed, and hook the knot over this little resin ledge in the pelvic piece here. Voila! Tail is strung.

The Body:

Next, thread the main elastic through the torso and the tummy.

Now thread it through each leg, adding the paws.

If he's not tight enough, simply pull on the knot near the s hook, stretch out the elastic, and retie it.

Pretty simple isn't it?

The Arms:

If you have to redo the arms, take a small bit of elastic and tie it in a knot. Keeping the knot in the middle even with the neck, thread one loop through each shoulder and pull tight.

Add the arm pieces and then the paws. If you need it tighter, unstring the arms, remove the elastic, shorten it, and restring the arms. Do this until you are satisfied.

Pipos Cheshire cats are not very poseable, but sueding and solid stringing can help.

There will be a sueding tutorial here soon. [link forthcoming]

Here's a little bit of what Grim can do:

pose 7

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting!!

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