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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Big Mnf vs JID Comparison

I see this question happen so often, I decided to do a post on it. This is just my opinion, so feel free to take it for what it's worth. Some people won't be bothered by the proportions, so I'll leave it to you to make up your own mind!

The cast:

Poe, a Legit JID Girl (based on my JID legit/recast comparison thread there is little shrinkage between legits and recasts). She has a pretty bad tattoo from when I first got into the hobby as well as a broken elbow. Poor neglected thing really needs some love. She also has the old style large bust, not the new glamour bust (the body S/L have). She desperately wants that new body….

Snow, a recast mnf Rheia: she is a bit smaller than a legit body but not by much. The size comparisons should still be accurate. She has her heeled feet on, so I had to support her in a few pics.


  • The Mnf is obviously the better poser for the dancer-ish poses, but the JID is more sturdy.
  • The JID has a more useful mobility joint, and she can almost hug her knees.
  • The Mnf body is better sculpted. The new JID body, the one L/S have, is much better, imo. This body is supposed to have additional posing modifications, but JID still can't compare to Mnf.
  • If you're going with this hybrid, you will need to mod the mnf neck shorter to accommodate the JID.
I had some serious formatting issues, and I don't know why. Something was up with Blogger I think, so I could not rearrange pictures, nor could I add text between them. Weird!  In any case, I hope this post is useful. Let me know if you need more pictures.

Thank you for reading, and happy collecting!

Onto the pictures! *crappy pictures are crappy*

standing 1
JID vs Mnf standing

standing 2
Sorry for not grabbing a better picture of this...
Both girls have fairly curved backs. The JID can slouch better than the mnf.
JID can't really cross her legs. She probably can with some
finagling and on the newer body.

useless knee jiont
This is the JID knee joint. Supposedly the little part on the left is used
for making the knees look better when posed. I've NEVER been able
to make use of them.
sitting 2
Mnf is so short!
sitting 1

mobility joint in use
This is the mobility joint in action.

mobility joint close up

mnf cant do this
Mnf can't do this.

legs in air
Mnf can do a version of this, but not quite the same.

kneeling 2
Kneeling. I can't make the jid knee joint look any better.
kneeling 1
joints 2
This is the JID butt joint thing. It's mostly useless. The textured area is supposed to do the
same thing as sueding. It doesn't.
mnf vs jid head
JID heads are bigger than Mnf.
mnf on jid body
The mnf head looks very pinheaded, even more so in person. This picture disguises that
because you can't see the full body.
mnf on jid body 1
When you aren't looking at the whole body, the JID head almost looks ok. It really is a matter of
opinion. I think they look too bobbleheaded.
jid on mnf
In order to do this hybrid, you're going to need to mod the neck a bit shorter.
head comparison side view
For some reason blogger would not let me rearrange pictures, so sorry for the weird order.

hand sizes
Their hands are nearly the same size, but mnf hands are better sculpted and more
feet sizes
Their feet are nearly the same size, both flat and heeled. JID feet are a tad smaller than
mnf feet, but in general my girls can all share shoes.

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