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Monday, June 20, 2016

Review Time: Dollmore Zaoll Dreaming Luv

I purchased this pretty little lady second hand from a friend, so I can really only give my opinion as to quality of the doll. I can relate my friend's experience with Dollmore and my own from ordering Dollmore clothes.


Ease of Ordering: Always easy to order from, uses paypal to pay. Can't complain there.

Speed: Dollmore is always pretty quick on shipping things, even dolls (my friend who orders frequently says it usually takes around a month). I've never had an excessive wait from them. When they make mistakes they're pretty good about fixing them.

Clothing: The clothing is usually pretty well-made, with a variety of things to choose from. In my early days I preferred to shop there or Alice's Collections. So it's really a taste factor.

Onto the doll herself!

Resin: Literally the prettiest white skin I own (I have Fairyland and Supia white skin here). The color has a pinky undertone and it's really quite pretty. Fairyland resin is a little more yellow compared, worse with the older white resin, but nothing blushing or photoshop can't fix. XD I'll post a resin comparison sometime down the road.

It has a great texture. It's not too smooth, and has a lovely toothy feel.

Sculpting: Quality sculpting, cute details. her eye wells are very shallow, so she will definitely need low dome eyes. Not one pair of my eye collection other than eyeco fit her. Zaoll use a faceplate system.

Seam lines: She's got quite a few pretty sharp seam lines on one side of her stomach and arms and legs. I sanded them mostly off and it looks and feels much better.

Posing: Sadly, she has a single jointed body, limiting her posing. She cannot touch her face or anything without mods. I ended up using my Feeple 60 body's white arms even though the match is off so she has prettier hands (Zaoll hands lack expression and look a little stiff and oversized for the body). I'll be attempting to mod the elbows to double joints soon (post most likely forthcoming this summer).

There will be a post in two weeks from today on her posing abilities. I'm still working on compiling pictures for it and trying to push the limits on what she can do. Except a post soon about what she can and can't wear.

Overall, she's the tiniest little SD girl I own. She has a very delicate, petite vibe about her without being thinner than I prefer. While she's a little difficult to clothe, I feel like it's part of her charm! I'm absolutely smitten with this little lady and can't recommend them enough.

As always, thank you for reading and happy collecting!

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