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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Taobao Agent Review: Taobao Ring, Part 3

Okay, here is Part 3 of my experience with Taobao Ring. I'm being detailed with this and doing so many posts on this because ordering from Taobao can be stressful, and so can be finding a new, trustworthy agent. Feel free to ask any questions I haven't answered so far.

Note: This post was done by checking out their mobile site, so things might look slightly different on desktop.
Additional Note: Taobao Ring will not knowingly purchase fake or bootleg goods on your behalf. This applies to recast dolls, parts, and replica Lolita items, among other things.

A few things seem to be missing from my order, and I'll update when these get fixed! They're very friendly and accommodating, so I'm honestly not too worried at this point.

First, they updated me to let me know via email that they'd ordered my items. When I check on my account screen, I see this cool notification:

You can click on multple orders to see their status and to see which items they're still waiting on.

Next, I got an email saying everything had arrived, and they asked me to check the picture to confirm everything was correct. They also remind you to confirm your shipping information is correct, which I like!

I love the little ego pat, lol. "You've made such a great choice!" I think that is such a cute, personal nod to the buyer. Well done, Taobao Ring! So, as they requested I popped over to my order screen to see what's what.

Notice that it says "Arrived, Awaiting 2nd Payment." It's letting me know they're waiting on me!

 I double checked the order list against this picture here:

It appears that the flower leggings from Endless are in the wrong size, which will be fine, but I'd prefer them in the larger size, and it also looks like one small necklace is missing.

In this last picture, you can see that one item was out of stock after I paid for it. Sad day, as Junko would have rocked this shirt. They carefully explain the refund to me in the email they sent and subtracted the amount from what I would have paid for shipping, so I'll only end up paying about $16 to ship this EMS. Pretty exciting! As I said, I'll update once they've looked into the two small errors and what they decided to do about it!

Again, I'm still very pleased. I can see myself using Taobao Ring in the future. See the other articles on Taobao Ring here:

Part 1
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On a related note, I'm still waiting on Promise of the World and Taobao Trends. TB Trends says they've been trying to get in touch with them but have had no response. I've elected to wait at least one more week- Promise of the World stuff is incredible, I hear, plus it's literally perfect for Pearl. I've not found anything else as close to what I want as from PotW. I'll keep everyone updated on that front.

As always, I hope this is helpful, and happy collecting! If you're trying to reach me via email, I'm having an anxiety thing regarding email again so I'm not checking it at present. Message me on Flickr, Tumblr, or post a comment here on the blog, and I'll go check <3 Also, I still have a few more serious posts in mind that I've begun working on, so everything should be back on schedule very soon. 


  1. Did you receive your items? ^_^ and how much did you have to pay for the items to ship to you? I'm just scared about the cost of the 1st and 2nd shipping payment and end up paying a lot for the shipping

    1. Hi there, I got the items and everything from Taobao Ring was perfect. :) The shipping was only about $12, that was for registered mail and not EMS. It will be more of course if you want EMS.


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