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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Taobao Agent Review: Final Notes

I absolutely cannot recomend Taobao Ring enough. They are my agent of choice from now on. My order arrived quickly (as quickly as possible once the USPS got ahold of it anyway) and shipped quickly from China. Everything was accurate, or as much as I cared.

There was one mistake: the rose leggings were supposed to be 1/3 but the seller sent 1.6. It wasn't worth arguing, as I'll just do it again for the larger size too because they're that cute.

When your order arrives, there is an option to click "arrived" and move the order to your past orders list. They also immediately ask you to provide feedback on the order, which I did.

So, there you have it! Taobao Ring is safe, professional, kind, cheerful, and pretty darned accurate. I had less problems with them than I ever had with Taobao Trends. With Taobao Trends no longer accepting paypal, Taobao Ring is a great alternative. Happy Taobao shopping!

Here are a few pics of the items I received. Most are from Endless BJD, others are from random shops around. MVS disappointed me this time. They're one of my favorite shops, but they never list things as sold out. They simply tell the agent the item is not available and leave it at that after you've already paid. Keep that in mind if ordering from them. This doesn't show the necklace and SD white boots I bought though.

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