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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Taobao Agent Review: Taobao Ring Part 2

Holy crap, that's all I have to say. They've already confirmed my order so I sent my first payment. Here are a few more screenshots of their process with some commentary. Basically, I LOVE their system. You can view each item in your cart, and it will show you a "yes" or "no" that the item is in stock and then when it ships. Each item also has an estimated shipping time. So far, so good.

They do charge paypal fees, which I don't recall Taobao Trends doing, but to me this is like when you send money for a group order- they're doing you a favor, a service, and making very little in the way of actual profit in my opinion, so I'm not bothered by it.

Taobao Agent Review: Taobao Ring Part 1 here .

So first up, here's an example of the email they send with a status update. This one was letting me know the boots won't ship until next week to them. 

This one is showing me they're ready for me to pay.

Here's part of my order (lookit all the cute YoSD stuff) and what is in and out of stock so far. If more is out of stock when they actually go to order, I'll be seeing if I can get them to order some other things instead.

I chose paypal to pay, and it lets you know what it'll be with the paypal fee charge:

Payment confirmation screen on Taobao Ring account page (they also sent me a confirmation email):

There you have it so far. I'll be sure to keep updating with my experiences. So far, they seem like a very good replacement for Taobao Trends.

Happy shopping. :3

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