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Monday, January 26, 2015

More Hybrids: Heads on Supia Body

Here are a few other hybrids I've been messing around with. Pay little attention to the color match, as some parts are NS and some WS. This is just to show proportion and fit.

First up, a WS Supia Eunice head on a feeple 60 body. Range of motion is pretty dismal, but the proportion isn't terrible.

Next, Feeple 60 Soony head on the Supia body. Range of motion is good, proportion is good. Will sit taller on the neck when her neckpiece is installed.

Last, Delf If on Supia body. Proption is odd, as If's head is a bit too small for the body imo. range of motion is ok.

Thanks for looking, and happy collecting! 

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