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Sunday, January 11, 2015

La Legende de Temps on Other Bodies

Woo! First post of the new year!!

Since LLT is known to work on SDgr bodies, pretty much any doll I've shown on this blog before will work with the LLT heads. They're all very close in neck size. LLT resin is in between yellow and pink, and to my eye and the light in my house it matches my pinker resin dolls better than my yellow ones. Don't take my advice on color matching as gospel for that reason- the lighting in my house is complete crap, so I could be a bit off.

LLT Red Dove/ Fantasy Doll Body (ny)

I was too lazy to remove the neckpiece and restring this body, so this will have to do for now. The color match is fairly close, however the LLT resin is pinker and paler than the Fdoll body resin. Proportion looks like it would be fairly okay as well. 

LLT Red Dove/Classy Doll Body

Again, the resin match is super close, almost perfect. The proportion is pretty cute, and range of motion looks like it would be ok. I didn't want to remove the neck piece right now, so I'll update with better pics when I get around to that.

LLT Red Dove/Supia Body

I cannot comment on resin match obviously since my Supia girl is white skin and Red Dove is normal skin. The proportion looks a little odd to me, though perhaps more realistic than many of the larger head/small shoulder type dolls we see lately. The range of motion is good, except that it is difficult for her to look up and down. 

 LLT Red Dove/Feeple 60 Body

The resin match is actually pretty close between slightly yellowed Delf resin/aged Feeple 60 resin. My feeple body is from their first release two years ago, so she's mellowed slightly. LLT resin is slightly more yellow than the Feeple resin. Range of movement is excellent, and proportion looks very good as well.

Thanks for reading and happy collecting! :D

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