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Monday, February 2, 2015

Fairyland Tan Skin Review

Ease of ordering: 5/5, easy just paid with paypal.
Time to ship: Ordered in July, part of order shipped in November, other part shipped in January. (Will explain below.)
Communication: 5/5
Quality: 4/5

Firstly, they claimed they were having problems with white skin, so it would be an additional two weeks for my blank tan girl to ship. I had one pair of WS option hands in my order. I asked if they could ship everything else out first, and the white hands when they were ready. My order shipped in November sometime, and the white skin hands barely arrived last week. That's pretty ridiculous, but I appreciate them working with me. They didn't even charge me extra for shipping! (They send a pair of acrylic eyes with each doll now instead of glass, but to be honest I have no idea where the ones they sent me are or if I got any at all, so I cannot comment on the eyes.)

The tan color is absolutely gorgeous. It's got a reddish hue to it, without looking sunburned. It's very natural.

My biggest issue with the finishing on the dolls.

The event head, as it is well-document was poorly constructed. To use the head on a body, you have to cut the post inside much shorter. The headcap also does not fit perfectly.

Bad sanding marks.

More bad sanding marks.

The sanding on the tan is ridiculously bad in parts, especially on the headcap and the butt. My NS dolls from FL didn't need the kind of sanding the tans apparently do, as they do not gap. My tan doll? Her head cap has serious gaps in it from sanding.

Head cap on event plate does not fit due to sanding.

Bad sanding marks.

Poor finishing on the heels.

The seam lines on the legs and arms are not bad and do not bother me. Her hands are gorgeous.

The Moe F60 body has adorable breasts, and it has the cutest little dimples on the lower back. I MUCH prefer this body to the regular feeple 60 body. (I will do a comparison, even though others have done many, of the two feeple bodies in a future post.)

Fairyland has also gotten smarter and more active in effort to combat recasting, and now sends a beautiful certificate with each doll. The Moe bodies also have this inside, which I find to be very pretty: 


Overall, I'd order again, and I'd order tan again. I just hope they pay better attention to the finish on their tan dolls in the future.

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