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Monday, January 5, 2015

I'm Alive!!

I've got some new dolls and some new post ideas I'm slowly working on, so expect some updates this month. I had my baby, and so with two kiddoes now it's harder to find time to dedicate to my hobby. *le sigh*

Here's my preliminary plan:

Hybrids: Supia/F60, Supia/Classy Doll, La Legende De Temps on Various Bodies

Posing comparisons: Moe F60 vs Regular F60, Supia vs the Feeples

Reviews: Another taobao review, Supia review, LLT review, Dollshe urethane eyes review,  and some other stuff as I get inspiration.

Currently saving up for some new dolls as well, so as I get them I'll be sure to do more reviews and comparisons. IF I can snag a legit AD dragon this year, I'll be doing a legit vs recast comparison of them. I may have access to a friend's recast F60 body soon for a review as well.

Happy new year!

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