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Monday, December 15, 2014

Retro Review, Alice's Collections: not the place to go for hard-to-clothe slim minis

In this review, I want to go over some of the many items I've purchased from Alice's Collections.

Speed: 4/5; my previous orders from them were all very quick, maybe a week or two at most. Unsure of current shipping times.
Communication: 5/5
Quality: 3/5 (most items don't fit well, but are sewn well from decent fabrics)
Ease of payment: Super easy.


I'm very particular about the clothing my dolls wear these days. I would rather pay more, sometimes a lot more, for an item that looks like a miniature version of the things I would wear than pay less for something that doesn't quite achieve that. A lot of doll clothes don't quite achieve the level of realism I prefer. Some things are realistic, some aren't exactly perfect. Many of the clothes that came from this store have over-sized, out of scale buttons and cheaper cuts. Not all of them are this way, however.

I don't mean to insult anyone, and if you like Alice's Collections clothes that is all that matters.

There are quite a few things I can't wait to try on my dolls, since they weren't available when I placed my first orders a couple years ago. However, I'll be getting most of those items on taobao to save money. This brings me to the next important point....

Alice's Collections is essentially a reseller (and in some cases a dealer) for various other clothing items and shops found on taobao, including M7, Endless BJD, and a couple others. Some of the items are priced very near their taobao prices, once agent fees and shipping is factored in. Others are nearly doubled in price. I do not encourage anyone to purchase Endless BJD items from there, unless the items are in stock and you can't get them on taobao. The outfit I purchased on taobao was about $24. The same outfit on AC is resold for nearly $50.

Some items, like the stuff from Endless, fits slim minis well. Other stuff, as is typical with taobao, is kinda hit and miss for minifee and other slim minis.

Contrary to popular belief, not everything at AC can be custom sized, since they mostly resell sewn items from taobao. The only items that can be customized are marked as such, and usually come from Stacey's Pink Ocean (these are mostly Asian inspired fashion). I've asked them this myself.

Alice's Collections has had a long standing promotion regarding shipping. By spending a certain amount, you can receive free airmail or even free EMS shipping. This is really great, and can make them even cheaper than taobao when all things are considered.

They cater to a wide variety of styles and sizes of dolls, but it's often a crap-shoot as to whether it will actually fit your doll. They tend to reuse pictures from taobao, and often these pictures don't clearly show the items.

Sizing notes:

I have tested the AC things I have on JID and Minifee dolls. I plan on ordering a bunch of things either from them or the taobao dealers that sell the same things in the future to see if anything will fit my F60 boy and girls.

Very, very little at AC clothing fit my JID girl when I had her. Stretchy tops fit her nicely, as did skirts with elastic waistbands. I wouldn't even attempt pants.

Most items from AC were too big for minifee girls.

I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of SD stuff to test on my feeple 60s! Stay tuned for that review.

I have very few pictures of my dolls actually wearing the items from AC, because most of them were rehomed or sit in storage hoping someone will take them off my hands....

Item Spotlights

This little outfit set does fit minifee, and fit them well. It is one of the few AC outfits I still keep around for my girls.

This little outfit set is cute. The skirt is elastic waistband and can fit JID and minifee girls, but the corset top was too small for JID and too large for minifee.

I had a couple shirts similar in style and sizing to this one shown here.These shirts were a terrible fit all around. The buttons were huge, the lace was out of scale. They were too small for JID and far too large for minifees.

This shirt was really cute. It did not fit JID, but fits minifee nicely. I have it in maroon.

This little short set was cute, but the fabric was thick and unyielding. It made the tiny minifee girls look uncomfortable and large. They could not sit in it. JIDs could not wear it without serious bulging at the seams. I kept the top however, and it fits minifee great!

I have this skirt in pink. The elastic band was stretchy enough for JID girls, and a little roomy on minifee girls, but it was cute.

All in all, it is definitely NOT a bad place to shop, you're just not going to find a lot of HDS-grade clothing or things that will fit JIDs or Minifees without some trial and error. I'll post more reviews as I am able to test out things.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for a future review on whether or not these clothes will fit Feeples and SDgr dolls!

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  1. I was just looking at their site yesterday, so your review was very helpful. By any chance have you purchased any of the male 1/4 scale clothes? or do you have any idea how they'll fit the JID males?


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