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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Classy Doll Body Review

Summary: This body's redeeming quality is that it is better sculpted and better looking than most cheap alternatives out there, but the posing is not the best.  I'd say it's a bit overpriced for the problems with the legs/knees, unless you get it during one of their sale periods (I think right now they're only like $200). It had a pretty strong resin smell upon opening, and there was a great deal of flashing in the fingers/toes/knee joints, etc. The string channels in the legs are not drilled super perfect, but that's alright and it didn't make posing worse. I'll try to post lots of pics in this post, and then post a body comparison post next. 

Overall: 3.5-4/5- The legs kill an otherwise cute, functional body.

Link to web:
Shipping Speed: 5/5, Though they said it would be a week it was still around a month. That's crazy fast for a doll company.

Resin quality: 4/5 It's shiny, moderately hefty, kind of smooth textured. It feels a bit like the quality of recast resin. I prefer toothier resin like that on some of my other dolls.

Sculpting: 4/5, Very pretty to look at, especially from the waist up.

Posing: 2.5/5, Half the body is basically useless. From the waist up it's a great poser, especially with the arms and head movement.

Ease of Ordering: 5/5 simple, just paid via paypal.

Communication: 4/5, never received an order confirmation or tracking number via email, but I did screenshot the order confirmation image at the end of the ordering process, so I recommend that so you don't lose your order number. They do respond to emails and their message board quickly.

Came in a nondescript black box with no name or anything on it. Inside was two pillows tied with red ribbon and a bubble mummy. 

It came pretty scuffed up like that...

They included extra string and s-hooks.

The smaller packets contain her hands and high heeled feet and shoes.

The color fascinates me. In person, it seems very yellow, but it's almost chameleon-like. It photographs pink as if it matches the Fairyland head perfectly. In real life, it's more yellow than the FL heads, slightly less yellow than older Delf resin, and less yellow than FDoll resin. I'm having a difficult time capturing the color differences in photos though.

So far she can wear anything my SD13 girls can wear, but some stuff is a bit tight on her big boobs and loose on her slim waist. Her feet are very narrow, but she can wear most SD16 heels I've tried. They tend to fit better and not fall off her feet with stockings. I haven't tried any flat shoes yet.

Examples of flashing: There is flashing in her fingers and toes as well. Left is resin on the hook in the foot, right is an example of flashing in one of the string channels.

Areas worth noting:

This is the default way the legs like to go when she's sitting.....
Knees: The body is sculpted so knock-kneed that it is impossible for the doll to actually sit on a chair without crossing her shins. Standing is next to impossible in both flat and heeled feet. 

It is unfortunate the legs are so bad, as this completely ruins the usefulness of the body. By manipulating the knee joints, however, and pushing them sometimes out of socket you can get some cute poses. 

The knees also have these little metal bars in them, which I think is for an alternative stringing method involving s-hooks. I just put my elastic behind them because I didn't want to bother with it right now. 

'll get a pic of this the next time I restring. 

Default position with the legs outstretched.
Weird how they bow outward right?
Popping the knee joints out lets them do this.

Shins: The shins are odd. They're so bow-legged they touch and cause the knees to bow outward when sitting with legs outstretched. (See pics above.)

They kinda do the minifee thing where they don't lay flat. You can see the knee twisting outward because of the weird engineering.

Thighs: Thigh  mobility is severely limited, might be able to fix with sueding and wiring. Has some thin areas that you can see through when held up to the light.

Feet: The feet are long and thin, with very long toes. I personally don't care for the look of the feet. They fit into most heels I have, but the feet are so thin they just fall off. 

Flat feet

Heeled feet with basically useless shoe.

Hands: The fingers are long and pretty. The finger nails are detailed, and have a very sweet, dainty look to them. 

Arms: Arm movement is good and she can touch her face. (Pic of her touching her face coming soon.)

Super cute. I got the medium bust option. The boobs are sculpted adorably, and they are the main reason I went with this body instead of the Fdoll body. I personally find the Fdoll body pretty poorly sculpted and not to my taste. The movement at the bust joint could be better with the addition of a ledge or lock to hold slouches. I think it'll be ok with sueding and possibly mods.

The torso has two channels drilled into it for the elastic rather than just a hollow opening.

She can slouch, even without a lock on the bust and without sueding.

Bottom line, it's a pretty okay body. Aesthetically it's cute, but with the bad jointing and engineering of the legs it can be a pain. The aesthetics of the knee and shins is horrible, and made worse  when sitting. The fact that sitting is so impacted is almost worse than the problems with standing- by fiddling with the joints and popping the knees out of socket you can prevent some of the weird issues. For a cute cheap body that works with lots of different heads, I could recommend this one. Fdoll is still a more affordable alternative with much, much better posing but aesthetically it isn't as pleasing as this body.

A body posing post will come soon as I am able to wire and suede her. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!


  1. Very interesting review. I don't like the legs either, I think they were trying to go for that slightly pigeontoed pose appeal like Unoa has but went way overboard. However, considering the price is so low, might be worth it to get different legs from another cheaper company and swap them out. Most companies do not outright offer parts, but some of the smaller companies with cheaper dolls are willing to arrange it if you ask.

    Or perhaps one could think of her as a mermaid who has only recently been enchanted to have human legs, and has no idea how to use them yet. ;)

    1. That's a good idea, I'm thinking of possibly trying some FDoll body legs on her at some point. A mermaid is adorable. XD


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