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Monday, November 17, 2014

BJD Scale Handbags, Backpacks, and Where to Find Them

For some reason, purses and handbags have always been hard for to find on taobao, at least ones that are good scale and look realistic. So, I went on the hunt for you. I thought I'd share a few links I found. I'll update this when I find more good, realistic ones. I swear, I had a ton more links and such from searching the other day, but of course can't find ANY of those today. Got a good link? Want to share the wealth? Comment below!

These are for purses MSD size and bigger. It's easy to find Blythe and other tiny doll purses, not so much for MSDs.

Oh, and I'm too lazy to bother with pics and direct links. Blame Calculus. It's eaten my brain this summer. T______T

Here are a few terms I used:

bjd 手提包- This also seems to pull up a lot of bags for carrying the dolls themselves in.
bjd 书包- This pulls up lots of backpacks (I didn't link them all, just search and check it out)
Bjd 提包- Pulls up different, but fewer purses

Little backpack/shoulder bags:

Small little handbags

Sunny's World (unable to order with using an agent)

Time Castle

Really cute purse, sold out on this link but I've found it elsewhere on taobao before.

Brief Case (not really sure how I found this):

Thanks for reading and happy taobao hunting!

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