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Monday, June 2, 2014

Monique Wigs Review, Pics, and Ordering Info

Site: (click the doll wigs option on the left bar to see all wig options)

Style: Literally dozens, if not hundreds, of wigs in various sizes, styles and colors.

For a good color chart, I found this one here:

It's pretty accurate to the colors I have in real life. Note that not all wigs are available in all colors.

Size Range: tiny/fashion doll to larger baby dolls.

Communication: For this recent order, I give them a 1/5. I will explain below in the overview.

Quality: This time? 3/5 (Usually at least 4/5)

Ease of Payment:  Fine, used credit card.

5-6 Pretty Girl in blonde
You can see the back is cut strangely, and doesn't blend together right.
My larger wig in this size doesn't have this issue
Read on!


Monique wigs used to be my go-to for wigs. They have nice natural styles in a wide range of sizes and a variety of mostly natural colors (not much in the way of soft pastel fantasy colors at all). The fibers were always soft and easy to style. My Monique wigs were never shiny, even though others seem to have this issue on occasion with some styles and fibers.

Gold Collection wigs are marketed specifically for BJD and tend to be higher quality than the regular line, though those will fit bjds as well. The pictures on the site are less than flattering, so I suggest browsing flickr or DoA for user pictures and accurate look at them and the color options.

I currently own four wigs purchased directly from Monique and one purchased from jPop dolls long before the recast fiasco. My three oldest wigs, a Pretty Girl in Carrot, Ginger in a golden blonde mix, and jrock in near black, are still quite lovely. They're still soft, still healthy looking. The curl has basically gone out of my Ginger wig, but that would be easy enough to restyle. 7-8s fit minifee well (6-7 could probably work fine if you like a tighter fit and smaller bangs).

So they were my first thought when hunting for a soft, extra long pukifee wig that wasn't crazy mohair curly.

I didn't hear anything from Monique for over two weeks after I placed my order. I couldn't navigate the site or find a way to contact them at all. Eventually, I got a phone call asking me to call and correct the address. There had been a typo (whether my mistake or theirs doesn't really matter; I was just glad they called!)...and that's where the communication went bust. They never returned my calls, never emailed me to confirm the change, to let me know they'd gotten my corrections, or to even let me know it'd shipped. I remember no shipping notifications one of the other times I ordered, so that didn't bother me. It was the lack of confirmation regarding the address error that concerned me.

Their form (located here in case you're wondering) kept bouncing back error messages so I had no idea if they'd even received any.

Finally, a little over a month to the day from ordering, I was prepared to file a chargeback on my credit card since I'd received and heard nothing. I received an email  near this time, letting me know they'd shipped it and would be sending it according to the address I'd put in on the contact form one of the times I tried to submit it. I never received tracking, and I can't remember if this is standard for them, though I think it is.

So! The communication and shipping times were kinda meh.

The quality of this recent order was not on par with my previous orders. I ordered a Pretty Girl wig in a soft blonde color in size 5-6. The fibers were cut oddly, some shorter than others, resulting in a lot of flyaways. Granted, this wig is a lot tinier than the msd version I have. I think the tiny size doesn't work perfectly for this style, resulting in the fuzzies. It's also shinier than my other wigs from them. I'm not sure if maybe my experience and frustration with them soured me to the wig or what. It's still a very cute wig, long, thick. The color is pretty too.

I can say, I would order direct again, but if I have similar issues my opinion may change. Dealers don't often seem to have all the styles or colors available, and I really need this carrot wig in SD size. XD I would also consider ordering from a dealer like Denver Doll. The wigs are still quite nice and the fit is good as well.

If choosing to order:
  • Check for user pics before judging a wig as ugly or ill-fitting.
  • Check for user pics to get a good idea of color choices, as it's hard to find the Monique color chart.
  • Be sure to check color options in the size you need so you aren't disappointed. 
  • Note that not all wigs are made of the soft, high quality mohair. Sometimes this is pretty obvious, other times it doesn't look too bad on bjds. 
  • If ordering direct, prepare for a longish wait time and little communication. 
    • They do not keep records of your purchases on any kind of account system, so you have no way to track the status of your order. 
    • Watch your paypal or credit card charge back time limits. 

Other wigs I've bought in the past:

(missing a good, clear picture of the black Jrock. Will update when I have time to take one. Pardon these old, crappy pics. They were some of the first doll pics I ever took. XD)

Legit minifee Chloe in a 7-8 Pretty Girl Carrot wig
The cut is gorgeous, the fibers soft. This remains one of my favorite wigs.
The frizzies are easy to tame; as a newbie photographer I didn't do this though. XD
This is supposed to be the same style and cut as the wig I just bought for my Lati.

Legit mnf Chloe in a 7-8 Jpop Dolls Kanawild, unsure of the color. The fibers are
course and stiff, and do not feel soft or natural at all. The color
is gorgeous, and the style is very cute

Same legit Chloe in the Ginger style wig, in some combination of blonde. Can't remember the exact colors.

Craptastic photo of the Jrock wig in Natural Black/near black.
It's a very blue black wig, quite pretty in real life. Fibers are soft and pretty.
The wig itself is long and thick, and the bangs are so full this is one rare
time I'd actually prefer a 6-7 for minifees. Notice the shine.


  1. I've noticed that the Monique wigs in the pukifee size are either not done right, or just don't look / fit right. I have a wig close to what you have for my pukifee and the back just doesn't sit quite right and it looks odd. The wig it self is amazing, the fibers are very soft and beautiful, but I know I'll be looking for a different wig for her and maybe find a taller doll, with a 5/6 head. I have a bobobie with the Paris 5/6 wig and it fits and looks perfect, I think it's just a odd look for the pukifee. I hope what I said makes sense. >.<

    1. Makes perfect sense! Their wigs look much better in larger sizes I think!


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