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Monday, June 30, 2014

Amaranth's Doll Etiquette: Tagging and Groups

Here's a fun offensive post for you, since some people may need the reminder

Okay…. first let's go over the purpose of a tag.

A tag is a tool for finding specific things online. Things are tagged very specifically to help people find what they are looking for. Tags are not some elitist special club where your item doesn't belong because it's not good enough. If your item doesn't fit the flipping tag, don't flipping tag it like that.


Tag: Poodle
Unacceptable things to tag as poodle: a Labrador, a cat, a pair of sneakers

Tag: Pullip
Unacceptable things to tag as Pullip: A horse, your selfie, a Monster High doll

Tag: Minifee
Unacceptable things to tag as minifee: A personal selfie, a Volks doll, a Blythe

Mistakes can happen. Sometimes when I batch tag things something will get tagged incorrectly. It happens. I'm pretty sure myself and most other people don't really care about that, but it is the internet and the internet loves to get pissy about things. It's the intentional stuff that's inconsiderate and annoying. Before I dive into this, lets discuss the purpose of a pool or group on Flicker.

Each Flicker group has a focus, a theme. Some are specific sculpts, some are a specific company, some are dolls with a specific hair color. Photos should ONLY be placed in groups where they belong. To do otherwise just comes off as attention-whoring and dare I say it- stupidity.

Again, accidents can happen. I have on occasion put a photo in the wrong group thinking it was another photo or because I was dumb and didn't pay attention. I generally always double check and remove offending photos, and if I come across older pictures where I've been stupid with placement or tags I remove them. It's the repetitive, intentional crap that starts to get annoying.

When I was in a Doll Chateau group on flicker, one person kept continually posting their Pullips in there. This wasn't an any-bjd-goes-in-here group (I'm not even going to get into the whole Pullips are BJDs thing). It was a specific company. This person insisted on sticking their things where they didn't belong, and while they were nice pictures, it made it more difficult for people to find what they came there to see. Plus it was just freaking rude.

If the group is for Minifee Chloe, don't stick a Ruth in there unless he's in a picture with a Chloe. Don't stick a Mirwen in there. Don't stick a Doll Chateau doll in there. Don't stick a fucking Monster High doll in there. Just because your doll doesn't fit the focus of the group, pool, or tag doesn't mean that that group, pool, or tag is elitist or picking on you. It means that group is for a specific purpose, and that's what its members want to see. Use appropriate tags so the people who actually want to see the type of doll you have can find it.

There are a few gray areas regarding certain types of dolls and tags. The general consensus is that the "BJD" tag specifically refers to dolls that have rounded, ball joints, and occasionally Dollfie Dreams- essentially those dolls deemed on-topic for DoA. Monster Highs, Obitsus, Pullips, and other such dolls are not technically ball jointed. They have a hinge and peg system, so they're generally frowned upon when tagged as "BJD". That does not mean the dolls are bad. It doesn't mean those dolls aren't good enough to be BJD. It simply means that it doesn't fit the community language for what constitutes a BJD. This jargon is important for people to be able to find those things they want to see and avoid those that they don't. If you do choose to tag one of those dolls as BJD, please be considerate and tag it additionally with the "correct" tags, so that people who don't want to see those types of dolls can block them.

Another gray area is those girls who tag themselves as dolls… my personal feelings on these people aside, if they think they look like a BJD they're going to use the tag. They should also tag themselves appropriately, such as "attention seeker" or "living doll" or whatever, so that people who don't want to see them can block them.

There you have it, Madame Amaranth's Etiquette Lesson #1: Make proper use of tags and groups, and don't be a self-absorbed twat.