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Monday, June 16, 2014

Endless BJD Store Review

ever stylishSite:

Style: Casual/mori girl, with some things for boys

Size Range: yo-sd to SD

Communication: n/a (use an agent)

Quality: 5/5

Ease of Payment: n/a (use an agent)


I absolutely love Endless BJD. I've been happy with every single thing I have purchased from them, and I plan on purchasing lots more in the future. The quality is excellent, the stitching is well done, buttons are to scale. There were a few advertised color patterns that ended up not in stock, but I just replaced them with another color.

All items fit my SDgr and Feeple 60 girls. I have not tested any of the boy clothing from here.

You can also find the items through Alice's Collections, but the last time I checked the price for a full outfit from Alice's Collections was nearly double or higher the cost of the same outfit via Taobao. As always, be sure to factor in agent fees and all shipping costs when determining whether Taobao or Alice's Collections is the better source.

I plan on ordering a bunch more things from them in the future.

Item Spotlight:

White Cardigan and Black long sleeved top set- This cardigan is adorable and cozy, and fits my dolls like a glove. The skirt that comes with this set is super cute as well.

Hanging around outside....
Jill modeling Endless BJD Clothes

Sweater set with skirt and tube top- no longer available on the site, but this outfit is really cute.

big sisters
Outfits by MVS, red stockings by Dollmore, flower stockings by MVS.

"Denim" Shorts- these shorts are darling. I've reviewed them before in another post, but I'll mention again that they are not denim, as shown on the pictures. One of my GO participants ordered the same shorts. They did not fit the F60 body nearly as well as the light cotton version I received. Having seen both pairs in person, I can say that the light cotton shorts fit better and were cuter, though both were very well sewn.

Endless shorts and top

These black and white striped stockings were surprisingly thick and strong. I loved that about them.

Alora modeling Endless skirt, top, and stockings.
Thanks for reading! I hope these reviews help you find things you like. ^_^


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  2. Thanks for letting me know. I'm in the process of removing and cleaning up a bunch of pics both on my blog and on flickr, but due to personal life delays they won't be fixed for a little while.



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