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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fluff Post: My Addiction to Multiples of the Same Sculpt...Especially Chloes.

I have this thing for owning multiples of the same sculpt. It's like, I get one and suddenly I need fifty.

It doesn't help that my favorite sculpt is the sculpt I first fell in love with but tried to avoid. It's like I'm compensating by buying tons of them.

I have a Vampire Chloe (Nanuri 10) boy from Fairyland….and I'd kill for another to be his sister.I have a modded sleeping Chloe…and I'm saving for like three other minifee Chloes in white, normal and tan skins, plus a Feeple 65 Chloe. I'm lucky I don't like Chic Line dolls or Littlefee much anymore. They make a pukifee Chloe and I'll have to add her to the list…

I managed to snag a Nanuri A Chloe (dreaming elf) and found myself scouring the MP for more…I'd love to own like…three. At least. My Nanuri A doesn't even have a body yet (I also do this weird thing where I buy floating heads of the size/make of the dolls I have incoming).

She will have to share a body with my Feeple 60 Chloe (and do I need to mention how I want another F60 Chloe for a boy and a sleeping head with it's own body to mod?) for now. I also have a Mirwen boy coming in, and I need a girl Mirwen F60…plus a couple minifee Mirwens.

I have a Cheshire Cat….and want about five total. Of the same sculpt. Just different colors.

I want a Lorina SDgr boy to my girl's twin….

Thank god I don't actually have the money or else this collection could get way out of hand...

What do you think about owning multiples of the same sculpt? Comment below! :)

Sorry for the fluff, and happy collecting!


  1. I don't see a problem with it. :)

    I have a thing for Shiwoos. I'm currently at three, Delf, MNF scarface version, and LTF Elf version. I am always looking to add more. Something about that smiling face just makes me melt inside.


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