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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Slim Mini Shoe Review!

I adore shoes. I love them in my size, and I love them miniature. I'm especially a sucker for adorable heels. I'm making a list of different shoes and brands that fit minifee, Unoa, and JID girls (and similar sized minis), where I got them and what I thought of them. I will update this as I get more shoes to review. Hey, I need an excuse to buy more right? Check back for updates.If you have Den of Angels access, be sure to view the shoe thread for slim minis there as well.

Lorifina Brand Shoes: 
There is a discontinued doll called Lorifina who is similar in size to minifees. Her shoes DO fit minifees. They used to be fairly cheap to acquire, though they had a surge in popularity as people figured this out and many of them now sell for jacked up prices.

lorifina pumpsRed Polka Dot Heels: 
These things are freaking adorable. They came in their own little shoe box with tissue. They are made of plastic, though that isn't obvious in pictures. They fit heeled feet on both recast and legitimate girls, but do not fit the flat feet. My girls, recast and legit, were/are capable of standing in them.

lorifina bootsKnee High Brown Boots: 
These are also pretty cute. They came in a shoe box with tissue, and are made of plastic. They fit very loosely on the girls' calves, but don't seem too bad in photos. They fit heeled feet on both recast and legit girls.

Dale Rae: 
Unfortunately Dale Rae no longer makes shoes. They were some of the best/cheapest on the market for slim minis, and if you can snag them for low prices definitely do.

dale rae flats
Flats: I have a pair of the flats. They fit all my girls' flat feet perfectly. They are made very well and look adorable.

dale rae canvas sneakers 

Sneakers: These fit all my girls' flat feet perfectly. They are canvas and are made super well.

dale rae heels
Heels: I was able to get my minifee to stand in these even in her flat feet, but they work best on heeled feet. These are super cute and well made.

angel studio msd heelsAngel Studio:
This awesome company produces shoes perfect for slim mini girls. I own a couple pairs of their slightly heeled shoes for MSD size. They are cute and fit great.

dollzone msd boots
Dollzone Black MSD boots: Definitely too big, both around the calf and in length. Flat feet only. My JID girl currently wears these because I like the giant boot look for her. 

pink bootsUnknown Ebay Pink Boots: Definitely too big, both around the calf and in length. Look a little clownish but my girls can stand in them. 

unknown msdUnknown Mint on Card canvas sneakers: Too big, but both boys and girls flat feet can stand in them.

Release Rain Pink Buckle Shoes: No Pic, as I currently can't find my pair. They fit, but are slightly big. Only tried on with flat feet. My girls can stand in them.

releaserain black boots 
Release Rain Black Buckle Boots: Fit boys and girls, flat feet or heeled feet. Nearly perfect fit, room around the calves to tuck in pants, but not too roomy.

That's all for now. More to come after I do a big Taobao shoe order later this summer. Thanks for looking and happy collecting!

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