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Monday, September 19, 2016

Daughters and Dolls

My daughter is turning two years old in December. She's a very smart little thing, very verbal. One of her first words was "dollie". She'd lay there, staring at the doll cabinet saying, "Hi Dollie. Pretty dollie. Hi!"

My desire is to have her choose her own way of being. I do not want to pressure her to be more girly or less girly, and honestly, she's chosen to be pretty darn girly. She likes having her hair done, and pretends to put make up on (which is sad because I literally cannot style hair at all haha).

She'll play with her brother's trucks and likes zombies and Pokemon (She says "poke-mon" and "Pi-chu" for Pikachu), but in the end she loves her baby dolls.

For my own nostalgia, I wanted to get her an American Girl doll or two, but in the end with the way she loves my dolls and how gentle she is with them, a BJD was definitely the way to go. After chatting with my bestie, I decided to go the ABS route, and if she does well with this, we will consider a resin girl when she's a little older, or possibly a Hujoo Dana.

Having done commissions on Hujoo Freya and Nano Freya, I feel confident I've made the right choice and can paint her little kitty to be a wonderful dollie for my daughter. I  think this will help teach her responsibility and to take good care of her toys and special things, and this little kitty can be a good friend to her for many years. I hope it inspires her to be creative, to tell stories, to be artistic, and I hope it will help us bond and play together.

My plan is to make her very pink and glittery, just like Emmy always likes.

I've been working on customizing Disney toddler dolls and such (I get them for super cheap at my local thrift shops, touch up their paint and hair, make them simple dresses and voila, she's got a huge collection). I'm working on one now that will end being a Princess Leia doll, haha.

Here's to our future doll collectors. <3

I'll be doing a review of this doll when she arrives, as well as a clothing and a posing post, with plenty of help from Emmy. 

(And just an aside here, my son has zero interest in dolls of any kind. I've tried, even offering to buy him one of his own, and he just laughed and, "No mom, I like zombies." He occasionally plays with my dragons, but quickly grows bored and goes back to zombies and minecraft.)

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