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Monday, May 23, 2016

Rrabbit Clothing Review

[Note: At the time I took pics, I wasn't planning on a review so they're pretty bad quality, lol. Since then, everything has been mixed up in my doll stuff boxes, so eventually I'll take better pictures. You'll have to deal with these for now. XD I'm also having major format issues with Blogger today, so if anything's weird I apologize. ]

English Site:

I ordered during Chinese New Year, so I'm a little shocked this shipped when it did. Here are a few pics of the items I ordered:

Everything, down to the perfectly scaled little buttons, is PERFECT. I will definitely be ordering from them again. It's a shame their stuff sells out so quickly. It's all perfect for my crew of Mori girls.

The SD stuff fits my SD13 range girls (Feeple 60s Moe and Regular) perfectly. I haven't tried anything on my larger girls (Supia and Iplehouse). I'm thinking of their larger boy stuff might fit my Iplehouse EID woman. 

Note that most of their MSD stuff is going to be a bit big on the slim minis like minifee. It's better suited for the larger MSDs unless you get something stretchy or with an elastic waistband. It will work if you don't mind fiddling with stuff. A friend of mine, for example, tacks the clothing behind the doll's back so it fits better from other views. She just doesn't take pics from those angles. If you're creative or good with sewing it'll work for them.

Even with the cheapest option, the stuff arrived quickly. I don't know if I got a shipping notice or not, as I never check my email and it just showed up at my door one day. I vaguely recall seeing an email, and there is a tracking number on my order history page. XD

I recommend this shop and will definitely order again. Their pricing is fair, and consistent both on their English site and taobao site which is uncommon (I'm looking at you, Sunnys World and Tatas).

I've reviewed a few random things from the order below with links and pictures. For the most part, you'll just have spend some time exploring the site. Things do sell out quickly,  so most of what I bought is already sold out.

Crap cell phone pic of one of the skirts and a sweater from this order.
These skirts are just darling. The pictures are from rRabbit, so copyright goes to them. I have them layered up to create an awesome floofy petticoat look. Definitely give them a shot if you have girls that need extra floof.

This sweater has a deep cowl neck which doubles as a hood. It is a little big on my Feeples. 

These adorable little sweaters are now sold out, but they're super cute and worth every penny:

Unedited cellphone pic of Peregrine modeling a few of the items from above. Peregrine is a Feeple 60 Miyu.

             I hope you enjoyed this quick review. Thanks for reading and happy collecting! <3
                                Omake: Pile of Floof. (I'm oddly satisfied by this picture.)


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