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Monday, November 11, 2013

Sealant Comparison: For When You Just Can't Get MSC

 Army Painter Matte:
  • It has very little tooth, so it takes a lot more layers to achieve good color with it.
  •  It is also prone to snow flaking. 
  • It is good priced. 
  • I will update this post as I finish a face up using it. It does hold up really well to handling, which I would assume for a sealant used for miniatures.

Testors: If you have to use something other than MSC, this is what you want. 
  • Testor's gets a lot of crap, but it's pretty good. It has good tooth.
  •  It does tend to appear more yellow, and if you use too many layers it can get cloudy. 
  • For the price and availability it is a good choice. 
  • It also seems to get a bit dirtier than MSC. 
  • I can get Testor's at my local Walmart.
Plaid: Please, please, please do not use this. 
  • It is gummy, collects dirt, doesn't hold color well, and just looks unfinished. 
  • It is very, very cheap and available at a lot of places so if you have no choice, go ahead.
  •  It is safe on resin dolls.

Modge Podge: I have heard conflicting reviews about this, so here is my experience:
  •  It is great for joint areas in full body blush, not for face ups. 
  • It's far too thick to even consider for a faceup. 
  • It's sturdiness means it's pretty damn difficult to remove, but it does appear to be safe for resin as far as I can tell. 
  • My centaur's hooves are varnished with this. 
  • It gives them a bit of a glossy touch and they haven't chipped yet, compared to other areas of her body blush.

Next sealants I want to try:

Volks' sealant
Citadel Matte Sealant

Just my initial thoughts on them. I will provide some pictures of face ups done with these sealants at a later date.

Thanks for reading and happy collecting!

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