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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On Scammers, and why it's not your crusade

Here's the thing- for as long as there have been replica dolls there have been a few assholes selling them as legitimate dolls.

Recasters often provide fake paperwork and fake headplates. Scammers may have used these to sell recasts as legit.

Why this isn't your crusade: A scammer can use a legitimate set of papers or plates to sell a recast as legitimate. Are you going to tell a company to stop producing these things? In my opinion, the reason FL is one of the top recast companies is because they have no papers, no plates, no logos on the dolls.

Some recasters are now offering boxes. Scammers will use these to sell recasts as legits…because scammers are scammers and that's why they will do.

Why this isn't your crusade: Scammers can get real boxes too.  Should companies stop making boxes so scammers can't get a hold of them and sell fakes as legits? Pretty silly, don't you think?

Why this is an asinine argument: For gods' sakes you don't get to bitch about a fake/copy/stolen/whatever box when you're buying a fake/copy/factory doll. It's hypocritical.

Not my box, not my photo, so don't sue me...or whatever.
You can't legislate morality, just like you can't prevent someone from stealing, from drinking, from buying fake dolls, from doing ten million other things.

The boxes are not going to impact the hobby any more than scammers are already doing. It's a rather silly crusade.

You aren't going to stop someone from scamming if they want to, just like making your county a dry county isn't going to keep people from drinking. Take the dollie ten commandments and stuff it. We don't need it in the public sphere. (Terrible attempt at a metaphor? Very much yes. Lots of fail in that metaphor!)

If you really must go white knight against the scammers, here are some ideas:
  • Destroy fake papers/plates
  • Mark the doll on the inside, possibly by carving, with the word "recast" on as many parts as you can unobtrusively.
  • Document your purchase of both real and fake dolls. Be clear and honest about which are which.
  • If you get one of the recaster's boxes, write in sharpie across the top "recast" so as not to get it confused with a legitimate doll box.
  • Track who you buy from and sell to. Do not sell to someone with a bad reputation.
  • Keep records of who you buy from and sell to- that way you can provide proof when needed.

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting! ;) 

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  1. THANK. YOU. SO. MUCH. I'm so sick of seeing people bitch about how morally dubious they think it is that the recasters make fake boxes and certificates when they're already buying fake dolls!


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