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Monday, October 13, 2014

Miniature D&D Books

There is a great thread on DoA regarding this, but I ended up making my own miniature books before I found that one. I will update this with some better pictures as soon as I can. There are some rare, amazing miniature D&D books out there, but those can go for $100+ a set, which I just don't have the funds for. *sigh* So, I make do with these.

Step 1: Find or make proper scale pages. I did mine in photoshop. First thing I did was pick the scale of the doll I wanted to make them for, then downsized the human versions to that percentage. So, these pages are 1/4 scale (approximately, as I made a few adjustments so they'd look right).

Step 2: When you have the pages printed you want to use, or if you just want to use blank paper, cut them to scale. Make a neat stack.

Step 3: Apply craft glue, like Aileen's tacky glue (something with a little bit of give that won't snap or tear when you open and bend the spine of the book) to the edge. Let it dry thoroughly. When dry, even the other edges up with scissors or a craft knife.

Step 4: Add your lovely printed cover.

Done! You can also use a method similar to this one here. I'm working on making some tiny dice to go with it, or at the very least trying to find some good in-scale dice.

Here is my Hugin with character sheets printed using this method:

what to play

And a close up:

close up

There ya have it! More pages and printables for D&D coming soon. :)

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