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Monday, September 1, 2014

Eyeco Eye Review

(There is a post coming soon that is a photo comparison of various types of eyes.) Eye Comparison and Info Post

The models are Jack and Jill, my legit feeple 60s. I have 13mm eyecos in Jack (Mirwen), and I think I'll be going smaller. Jill (Chloe) is wearing 15mm, which may be a tad too small for her.

Items: Soft platinum glass dreamy blue in 13mm and forest in 15mm

Price range: $15 on up (The price increases for quality of the eye and size; the "fantasy" colors range a bit on the higher side.)

Speed of order: Pretty good. They shipped out about a week after I ordered and took only a few days to arrive (they're in the US and so am I so it didn't take too long).

Communication: Good. They sent me an email order confirmation, but no tracking number or anything like that.

Ease of ordering: Easy. I just used their website and paid via paypal.

Range of colors: Not a super wide range of colors to choose from, as Eyeco tends to focus on very realistic colors and styles. You'll find a range of blues, greens, and browns, with the less common grays and a few purple shades.

Accuracy of color to website: Close. The greens are definitely paler than the site would suggest, even in different lights. The blue eyes are very close!

Quality: 9/10- only dinging them because they don't pack the eyes real well when they ship them, so one pair of my eyes had a little knick in the white part.

  • You don't want the polyglass eyes. Those are a bit cheaper and are made for reborn dolls and other dolls like that.
  • The sizes tend to run a tad small, imo, but that's good. If you want a softer look, order a bigger size.
  • Where most eyes are in even numbers for sizing (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, etc), eyeco eyes are odd  numbered (11 mm, 13mm, 15mm, etc).

Where to buy:

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