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Monday, July 7, 2014

Short Review: Illusion Spirit SD Girl Hands From AC

Instead of buying a bunch of expression hands for my dolls, I decided to just buy some jointed hands for the same price, essentially.

They were on sale through Alice's Collections and qualified for free airmail shipping.

They fit her perfectly. The scale is correct, they fit in the wrist well. This means they should theoretically work on Feeple 60s and SDgr girls, since all their wrists are pretty close in measurements. I'll test them out on my F60 girl later.

The color match is way off to the old Delf resin, but my girl is pretty old so she's yellowed a lot. The color is quite close, maybe slightly pinker, than my FL dolls.
The fingers are sculpted wonderfully, and they have cute little nails sculpted in. They don't look creepy or have the sausage fingers that some jointed hands seem to have.

Jointed Hands

Where to buy:
Price: $80 (I got them during a promotion for a discount.)
Communication: 10/10 AC answered questions quickly and kept me updated.

Thanks for reading and happy collecting~!


  1. Hi!
    Which skintone is the jointed hands? I'm looking for jointed hands for me Delf Des :3
    I was considering Dikadoll's jointed hands but..reading your review makes me more sure :o

    1. Hi! These are normal skin pink. I think the normal skin yellow would probably match my girl better, considering her age. ^_^ Hope that helps!!

    2. Thank you so much for your reply! Do you have more pictures of her posing with those hands? Can't decide yet since it looks like those hands or finger is quite long ;-; would you mind send or show me some pics?

      Million thanks!

    3. Hi sure I can post some more pics of the hands for you! In the meantime here are a few more of htem in action on my flickr:

      Hope these help for now. ^_^


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