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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Rambling: My Taobao Experience

Taobao order review

Hi there! I have made a couple orders from Taobao and I've decided to review the shops I purchased from and the items for their quality, etc. The agent I use is Taobao Trends, and I could not be happier with them.

A bunch of stuff I ordered ended up not being in stock, which was really sad. Don't get your hopes up when you order, as a lot of stuff appears to be in stock but actually isn't.

I ordered two wigs from this shop: whp092029
I ordered 1/4 wigs. These were snug even on minifee with their smallish 7-8 heads. The fibers were soft, but the wigs were thin. This wig looks NOTHING like it's picture, even after styling.

Though the wigs are cheap, and not bad quality for the price, I would rather pay more for a better quality wig. I will avoid in the future.

I ordered several things from honeyshin including a cellphone, some little cakes, and some cat cellphone charms. The site is very difficult to navigate and it is difficult to tell the quantity of things you order. The little cakes were the wrong size (I requested the smaller ones and received the larger) but were very cute. I ordered a little present and some shopping bags (the description said 6 but I received 2 and the present was unwrapped and just crumpled up when I got it). The little items were sent in a small, cute tea tin.

I would order again in the future.

I orderd shoes from this shop 山豆君. They were freaking adorable! Perfect size for my SDgr girl. I will order from them again.

I absolutely adored Endless BJD. I've loved them since I ran across her shop on Den of Angels. On DoA, they want $40 on average for their outfits, and I paid a little under $20 for their taobao shop. The clothes were amazing quality and were super cute and realistic. I would definitely order again (and I plan on it!)

Some points though: a couple of fabrics were out of stock that were shown in the pictures, which kind of sucked. Also these shorts were NOTHING like the picture. They look like denim in the picture, but they are actually a light blue cotton. I was extremely disappointed in these shorts as I chose these over some others in the same price range.

Helleborus was amazing. I bought some necklaces from them. Everything was great quality, was in stock, and was in perfect scale. Each item was sent in these little plastic cases. They even threw in a free chain. I definitely recommend these guys.

MVS has great stuff, thought they don't have very much. I ordered shoes and tights and plan to order more. If you order tights from these guys, specify in the comments box which size you actually want.

There appear to multiple shops called Happy Camille on Taobao.

This shop had great quality wigs and eyelashes. The clothes I wanted ended up not being in stock, which made me sad, especially since they don't note anything as in stock or not on taobao, apparently.

I definitely recommend this shop . They carry face up supplies and lots of other stuff. I was happy with the items I received from these guys.

Sunflower BJD also sells really, really cute clothes. Some notes about their stuff, however:
* The pants do not have buttons (even fake buttons), but are sewn really well.
* Clothing items run really big. I ordered pants in 1/3 size and they were far too big for my SD13 sized girl. They make cute baggy pants though, and I will probably order to see how other items fit.

Ordering from taobao is a bit risky overall. Items are definitely much cheaper, but it is difficult to tell how much of the item item you're getting and whether or not the items are even in stock. In general if they're claiming to have 100s or 1000s of the item in stock, they probably don't have any of it. My sister had far less luck with her order and many items were not even the size shown in the item description. Play it safe, ask your agent questions, and have fun.

Edited to add: I just realized some of my links ended up not coming up, so I will edit that here in the next few days.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, and happy collecting!

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