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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Recast Minifee vs Legitimate Mnf

It seemed like there were too many pictures already in this post, so I made a follow-up post with some comparison pics of recast vs legitimate minifees. The dolls are a white-skinned recast Rheia, large bust cutie legs, and a normal-skinned legitimate Chloe, large bust cutie legs.

 Standing, Front View

In these views, it's fairly easy to see the height difference between the two dolls.

This view shows a close-up of the differences between their heads, necks, etc, and also shows the differences in the ways the headcaps fit.

The arms are almost the same length and thickness, but there is a slight difference.

Another comparison of the arms, hands, and wrists.

This slightly crappy pic is to show that their torsos and bottoms have almost the same slimness.

These are to show leg differences.

You can see that the joints are fairly flush on the recast, and there is little difference in size unless you are looking critically. The range of motion and the posing are equally good.You can also see that the recast has no visible seamlines. She arrived this way.

I hope this helps distinguish differences!


  1. hi, can i share these picture to a chinese bjd forum? thx!

    1. If you do, please just credit me and link to the blog. ^__^ Thanks!


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